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Why You Need To Take Small Business Valuation Seriously

In a television program called “Shark Tank”, you frequently see entrepreneurs who do not have an understanding about small company evaluation. According to forensic accounting firms like “Rushmore Group“, over 80% of small companies have no idea about what their service is worth, nor do they seem to care.

Let us put it this way — a business owner that does not know how much his or her business is worth is like asking people how much money they have in the bank to which they answer “I do not know”. It is hard to imagine anyone running their finance this way so why are some business owners acting any different?

So why should small business owners care?

The response is simple — the personal wealth of every small business owner is parallel to the valuation of the organisation that they represent. If a business owner says that he or she is worth a million dollars, then that person ought to have a company that has an assessment of one million dollars. The latter is important because, at some time, every small company owner should retire and your retirement depends upon the value of your service.


Think about the fact that 70% of private companies in the Australia will be on sale by 2030. You might be thinking that there is no way you are selling your business, but that is all the more reason to take notice of the appraisal of your respective small business.


Valuation gets done based on the benefit stream of your organisation. The most typical benefit stream is “Profits before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization” or EBITDA. When you go to offer your business and retire from your business, you will offer your company at a sum based on the EBITDA. The bigger the company, the greater the multiple and the higher the valuation. The secret is to obtain many assets that will increase your assessment.

The bright side is that financial professionals are now providing cloud based solutions that empower any small company owner with a road-map for increasing value. The problem is that this road-map can take five years or more to carry out. Additionally, many road-maps need a reliable expert team to assist in the procedure. If you are only hearing these things now, then you had better get started today.

Learn more about the science of business valuation by checking out websites like  that delve into the matter. Only then can you decide whether the time and resources spent on these valuations are worth it.

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